Sinners and Social Media

The world is full of sinners. The church is full of sinners. The guy writing this blog is a sinner, saved by grace.

Sinners on Facebook

I try really hard to remember that when I read Facebook posts. Facebook (like most everything else) can be used for good or evil. We can connect with people far away, we can share encouragement, we can share prayer needs, we can share scripture. But we can also be narcasistic, our pride can cause us to brag (even when we try to cleverly “hide” it within some bigger post), we can hurt people, gossip, cause confusion, and promote our own agendas.

Who Sees Your Posts?

All of that is, quite frankly, between each person and the Lord, but can an old youth pastor share this thought, when you are bragging about pride, lust, drinking etc: please think about who sees your posts. Please think about who sees what your friends write on your posts. It’s your parents, grandparents, younger siblings, fellow church members, people who led you to Christ, people who prayed with you at an altar, people who stood around camp bonfires and heard your testimonies, people who don’t know Jesus Christ but know that you ARE a Christian. It’s old Sunday School teachers, current Sunday School teachers, next door neighbors, and yes, old youth pastors 🙂 but most of all – Jesus sees your posts.

A Word of Warning

I know that the main issue is dealing with the sin. And I’ll start by dealing with mine. But at least don’t hurt people who love you by bragging of things that we should be repenting of. The world is full of sinners. Let’s not be someone they stumble over trying to get to the only One who can save them of their sins.


  1. Fran Riggs says

    Amen, Doug! There is good things about FB, but I feel FB and all these other media tools can damage a testimony so quickly and may even help discourage sinners from knowing God. The person that does the harm is safe, but what about the ones who are watching their lives! Be careful, FB friends, the posts you put out there!

  2. Rhonda Beaty says

    Thank you for sharing this timely, relevant, sobering, and much-needed post, Doug. We must remember that, as believers, our lives are constantly being watched and we have a responsibility to represent Christ well. Lives are literally at stake. God bless you, your precious family, and your ministry.

  3. Gwen Sheldon says

    So true Doug. FB and other social media has become an open diary of our lives! Please think twice before putting that selfie pic out there.
    I worry people are getting all their self esteem from comments made on their postings. This is not the place we need to look for acceptance…or attention!

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