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This is my second blog. I’m sure all of you remember my first one. It was two years ago and had to do with sin and social media. I just read it again and I must say it has held up pretty well, although I must conclude therefore, that we have made little or no progress on the topic and that’s why it still seems relevant. It’s still on our web page. Take a trip back to 2014 and read it again, if your sock drawers are organized and your dinner recipe has already been posted.

I guess the past couple of years have been a little bit busy and I just never got around to making good on my internal promise to blog weekly. At the time I was sure that I had much to say and that the world was waiting with great anticipation for me to say it. But I didn’t, and now look at things. We are swamped with stories of clowns attacking people throughout America and I’m not just referring to the presidential election (though nothing seems very “presidential” about this election). We have the right to use whatever restroom or changing room (another ironic term) we so choose based on how we identify at the moment. We are divided into blue states and red states, lives that matter and lives that don’t, kneeling, sitting or standing and choosing between support the thin blue line (which I do) and being unable to deny that there are times when that line is being crossed and people who do not pose a legitimate threat are being killed. And those people all seem to be the same skin color. We are told that above all “we must be tolerant and accepting to everyone”! Unless what I guide my life by is in conflict with what you guide your life by. It seems like we are scared of an awful lot. That nine people in black robes can make supreme decisions and our country will fall apart. It seems like we don’t like each other very much anymore. It seems like we are resigned to the fact that “it is what it is” (the king of excuse cliches) and so we fade into the grayness of negativity, relativism and self-preservation. Please know that I don’t believe two years of my blogs would have prevented this. Please also know that this is NOT the way it should or has to be.

C.S. Lewis said that Jesus was either “liar, lunatic or Lord”. There is intrinsic evidence that He is the third one. He is The Lord. And because of that, I can trust in His perfect sovereignty, I must embrace and live out His perfect Word and I choose to love instead of hate. Jesus Christ IS the answer. And the only real question is… do I have the love and conviction to follow HIM? Oh, and like it or not, I’m going to keep that internal promise.

The world will just have to tolerate me.


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