Who is Jesus Christ?

No doubt you’ve heard of Jesus Christ. Practically everyone in the world at least knows the name. But apart from being a name that is sometimes invoked as a curse, and at other times invoked as a blessing, who is Jesus, really?

Jesus Christ is God

We believe Jesus was the most important individual to walk the face of this earth. But even before he came to the earth as a baby at the first Christmas, He existed as the eternal Son of God.

He Came to Earth

Around 3 B.C., Jesus came to earth, taking the nature of a human, living a life of perfection, and then laying that life down willingly for everyone by dying on the cross to pay for the sins of the world. Three days later, Jesus came back to life from the dead, and is now in heaven, preparing a place for all those who accept his free gift of salvation.

Jesus is Coming Back

One day Jesus will return to earth and take all those that have trusted Him as Lord and Savior back to heaven with Him. Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with everyone, including you. If you have any questions about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please drop us a line in the contact form below.


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