June 1, 2017

Too Busy

Americans are notorious for being busy. I speak for myself, but I believe I can generalize to our culture as well— We love to fill our schedules with activities and events and obligations and outings and meetings ad infinitum. We cram as much into our short lives as we possibly

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I like Landmarks, and I have had the blessing of seeing quite a few of them. We have taken the Youth Group to a number of great places. The U.S.S Constitution in Boston Harbor and all the historical buildings during the Freedom Trail there. In Philadelphia we saw the Liberty

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After 32 Years

This is my first blog post. This is my first time ever typing “blog post”. After Thirty-Two Years When you have been a youth pastor for 32 years, you can remember (fondly) when we wrote letters to communicate with our teens. I like writing letters. A letter has a certain

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