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    A little over three months ago, I had the great blessing to take a short term mission trip to China, along with 10 other people from our church. We were guests of the Mark Tolson family. Mark had graduated from our youth group several years ago and along with his

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    Doug Kraus Blog 2

    OH YEAH, I WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM… This is my second blog. I’m sure all of you remember my first one. It was two years ago and had to do with sin and social media. I just read it again and I must say it has held up pretty



    In 30 countries, heads of state must belong to a certain religion A Pew Research analysis revealed that 30 of the world’s countries (that’s 15%) belong to a unique group of nations that call for their heads of state to have a particular religious affiliation. From monarchies to republics, candidates