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    Taking the Gospel to East Asia

    As Christians, it is our honor and duty to serve the Lord, no matter where He leads us. And missionaries, especially, would agree with great enthusiasm. But though they may deny it, all full-time missionaries make sacrifices – and they cover the gamut, from finances to educating children to time

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    Taking the Gospel to North Africa

    At only 26, this is likely to be one of the biggest years in the life of Brendon. He is engaged to be married this April to a lovely young lady he met at missions camp, Elise. (Don’t let Doug Kraus tell you her name is Elsie. It’s not.)

  • The Kings in South Africa

    Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to South Africa

    A young African girl prepares to marry. Very important in the ceremony is the sangoma, or the “witch doctor,” sprinkling water mixed with chicken blood and invoking the blessings of the ancestors.